Got Boomie? Np

Although I hadn’t intended to mention my alts very much, I feel that today’s story needed to be mentioned:

One of the alts I’m currently leveling is named Nehmend, and she is a holy paladin that I’m leveling (currently level 37) almost exclusively through PUGs. Yesterday, I queued up and swiftly found myself entering the soon to be corpse-filled halls of the Scarlet Monastery’s library. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary from a quick glance at my Grid addon – I saw a druid, shaman, priest, rogue, and myself; we had all the workings for a successful collaboration of a tank, healer, and three dps. So, I rebuffed myself with Seal of Insight, gave everyone Kings (paladins don’t receive Might until level 56 now), and followed my fellow PUGers as they charged into battle. Right away, I could tell something was wrong. The party was taking very large amounts of damage (not a problem, considering pally heals are OP at this level, in my opinion), and I saw… A boomie?

While healing my druid party member, I saw that sure enough, it was a boomkin, and the little shield marker for the tank stood tauntingly next to their name. I hoped they had simply forgotten they were the tank, so I asked in party chat “who’s the tank?” The druid quickly repied, “I am,” so I asked them to please use bear form, which was promptly met by the druid laughing at me and the shadow priest saying, “just STFU and heal. Who cares?” Needless to say, I cared, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked, and after telling them as much, the priest replied, “these dungeons are a joke, and he has an armor buff anyway.”

Begrudgingly, I did just that; I shut up and continued to fill them with plenty of Holy Shocks and Holy Lights. As the dungeon wore on, I found that our party makeup was working after all, but something was still nagging at me – something was still wrong that I couldn’t quite place. After tearing through half of the dungeon, leaving mayhem in our wake, I realized the issue: if I, the healer, wasn’t effective, then they likely would have kicked me… and it probably would’ve worked. I say this because the druid and priest were clearly together on their shenanigans (as evidenced by their support of the idea and their shared server/guild name), and if people were dying from no heals, then a “Kick Nehmend?” prompt probably would be answered with a “yes” by at least one of the remaining dps.

Now, it wasn’t the threat of losing my spot in the party that bugged me (I was confident in my healing ability, after all), but rather the question of “what if a lesser experienced healer where in my place?” Most WoW players, myself included at times, forget that we may be playing with someone new to their class, to their party role, or even to the game itself. With that party, I realized that a new player to WoW likely would have been kicked from the party and likely without an explanation. That’s not fun for anyone and would highly discourage new players of the game. After all of this hitting me an instant, I knew what I had to do: I needed to attempt to send a message to this boomkin by getting THEM removed from party for doing the job the queued for improperly. I had already tried convincing them the normal way, so I knew that would not work, and I wasn’t about to launch into a discussion about inexperienced players (both because they probably wouldn’t have listened/cared and because that would have resulted in our deaths, since they were chain pulling everything), so I was left with only that option.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a vote to even occur due to their chain pulls (you can’t initiate a vote during or shortly after combat, for those who haven’t used this PUG feature before). I did make sure to /ignore them (the druid and priest), so I wouldn’t be partied with them again, but I’ve been left with disappointment that I was unable to do something about this duo of troublemakers. What do you think? I’m interested in hearing other players’ views on how to deal with situations like this.

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