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As you almost certainly know, Cataclysm has hit the live servers. If you don’t… then do you really love WoW enough to be reading a WoW blog? I’m proud (and sad) to announce that Nehmen has already hit level 82. I’m proud for obvious reasons, but sad because the leveling feels… To easy, I dare say.  Avoiding spoilers, I’ve hit level 82 after doing essentially a 1 1/3 of a zone’s worth of quests, plus two dungeons (To be fair, there was a string of quests involved within BRC, but I had no quests for Throne, so I think it levels out). There are several more zones and numerous dungeons left, yet I’m already well on my way to 83?  That’s too fast for my taste, considering the expansion dropped yesterday!

Besides leveling, I’ve also done more important thing since Cata dropped… I changed my warrior’s race. Leading into Cata, I’d been dreaming of having a Worgen warrior, but after several months of waiting, I heard that Blizz was going to allow race changes to the new races immediately, and I… ahem… let my patience get the best of me and began leveling my warr. Now, after hitting 80 only this past weekend, my previous human warrior is a proud worgen prot warrior, and I’m looking forward to her being my second “main” alt.

On a side note, I like to imagine little tidbits of backstory behind each of my important toons, and for Dämonin (my worgen warr), I imagined it as thus — A freshly 80, hotblooded human warrior… Eager to prove her worth, Tokiko (my warr’s name prior to race change) does some recon on the Forsaken, seeking to carve out a place for herself in the mighty folds of Alliance Heroes. One day, she overhears word of their plan to attack Gilneas, and she sets out to aid the Gilneans in their time of plight. Unfortunately, she could not have anticipated the worgen… While traversing the dark city of Gilneas, she too fell prey to the infectious bite of the cursed invaders. Trapped in a form she loathes, she has taken on the name of Dämonin (she-demon), until she can rid herself of the curse. Author’s note: Yeah, I’m a geek ^_^

Enjoy Cata, in whatever way you can!

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