Heroic Lament

Heroic Stonecore, how I hate thee. I’ve successfully completed two heroic Cata dungeons as a tank, and yet I can’t get past Corborus on heroic mode SC. Yesterday evening, my guild’s raid leader invited me to tank for a heroic group he was forming, and I accepted, hoping to have some challenging, but fun attempts at downing a heroic dungeon. After everyone joined the party, I suggested that we do a random heroic, since I hadn’t done my daily random. The group agreed, we queued up, and into heroic SC we went. … And not much further than that.

We cleared Millhouse and his buddies without any real issues, and upon reaching the bottom of the first passage, we were ready to kill some gyreworm. After pulling, we quickly realized that something was amiss, and instead of gyreworm being on the menu, we were on its menu. While reseting, we reviewed the strat, covering the new heroic abilities, and confident that we had the right idea, we charged in a second time. 24+ attempts later, I finally had to tell the group I needed to leave; I had to go to work, and we had yet to get the bloody worm below 600k HP.

After returning from work, I logged on because I still wanted to get in a successful random heroic. One insta-tank queue later, I found myself in… Oh, bloody hell – heroic SC. I expressed my frustration to the party, who reassured me with comments that generally amounted to “we’ve got this – it’s easy when you know the fight.” Now, call me crazy, but when someone makes a comment along those lines, it says to me that they’ve completed the fight before. So, reassured that I was likely with a better group, I reviewed how I was tanking the fight with them, and besides one small adjustment they suggested, I found I was ready to go. We breezed through Millhouse’s folks, and quickly found myself face-to-face with the dreaded worm, once more.

To skip some unnecessary story, I soon found myself recovering from our fourth wipe. Now, to be fair, I normally stick with groups for longer than that, but considering this was nearly my 30th wipe of the day on this horrible fiend, I gave the group my apologies and left the party. I went on to queue again, and thankfully, I found myself being loaded into heroic Throne of the Tides. The trash in here is, without a doubt, extremely difficult – even with CC – but after a couple of painful attempts and wipes, we made our way to Neptulon’s throne to take down Lady Vaz’jar. After some more painful attempts and wipes, working out exactly who needed to CC what and reminding everyone to dodge the tornadoes o’ doom, we got her down. Yes! First heroic boss of the day down! And to make the victory sweeter, the tanking ring Entwined Nereis, dropped! /roll… And here’s my… Huh? The kitty dps won?

Immediately, our healer scolded the bad kitty (heh; had to say it) and told them to give me the ring, saying, “If you want  tank gear, then queue as a tank!” The druid made a half-formed comment along the lines of “I need it too,” then left. Yes, remember the title of this blog post? A lament generally contains few happy moments – lol. After requeueing, we acquired a warrior and went on to down the rest of the dungeon. Several folks got some spiffy gear, and I got my heroic done, but I was left feeling slightly empty inside. That PUG reminded me of why I typically run with guildies… I can trust them (for the most part) to not pull shenanigans like that. Ah well – live and learn, I s’pose.

Have any stories about the new cata dungeons? Feel free to share them below!

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