First Raid Night: Halfus down!

After struggling with quite a bit of raid setup (our start time was supposed to be invites at 6:15pm begin at 6:30pm, but we didn’t start until 7:15pm…), our guild marched into Bastion of Twilight. One of our healers was a somebody’s alt, and one of our best melee dps sat out due to the melee dps constraints, but despite these troubles, after a handful of wipes (I believe 9-10?…), we downed Halfus Wyrmbreaker!

For those of you interested in attempting this fight yourself, it seems pretty easy, once your raid has the rhythm down. However, we used a slightly different method than what I’ve seen online in places such as Sword and Board: instead of releasing all three drakes, one-by-one, we only released two – and we released them all at once. To make this work, we used hero/time warp after the off-tank had established aggro on both drakes (we released the Storm Rider and Time Warden, leaving the Nether Scion alone), and I immediately used Divine Guardian to give our healers an early advantage against the imminent onslaught of damage. Also, I used all of my trinkets and other CDs early on (not all at once, naturally) because that way, they’ll further assist the healers early on, and everything was ready again for the final minutes leading to the enrage timer.

The key to this fight is perfectly timed interrupts, hence the raid’s need to establish a rhythm. We paired an elemental shaman with me on Halfus for the entirety of the fight (the only dps not on the drakes at the start), so he could interrupt all of the Shadow Novas that Halfus uses when the Storm Rider’s in play. Later, when he uses his shout knockdown, we had a combo of humans using Every Man for Himself and our mage blinking out of the stun to use counterspell to interrupt the Shadow Nova. Once we perfected this cycle (spare a few wipes for other minor reasons), the fight was downed, relatively smoothly.

Unfortunately, I have no screenshots of the fight with Halfus; only of Magmaw, who we attempted for the remaining hour or so, until I had to leave early (co-worker was sick and needed shift coverage ^_^’ ). In the end, I felt the raid was very successful, especially considering our “personnel” troubles for the evening. We’re still working out an exact raiding schedule, but I’ll keep you posted about anything that could help your own raiding experiences!

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