WTB level 85, PST

Without boring you with my many leveling adventures, I feel I can safely and summarily say that I have screwed around with leveling multitudes of different toons, spare no class (except Warlocks – they never did strike my fancy…). Lately, I’ve been leveling two in particular: a holy/ret paladin named Nehmend and a resto/kitty druid named Ehks. I mention this because when I do level these toons, I find that they level abnormally fast,¬†compared to my other high level toons. So, I did some quick calculating. Currently, you can get:

  • +10% XP for Heirloom Helm (requires Guild level 20)
  • +10% XP for Heirloom Shoulders
  • +10% XP for Heirloom Chest
  • +5% XP for Heirloom Cloak (requires Guild level 10)
  • +5% XP for Heirloom Ring (from wining Kal’uak Fishing Derby)
  • +5% XP for Guild level 2
  • +5% XP for Guild level 6
  • =50% bonus XP

According to Wowhead, there are currently Heirloom legs and more rings in store. Counting those in, you can receive an additional 15% for 65% total bonus XP. Depending on how often you play these alt toons, you could earn up to 150% of a level (that’s 30 of the small bars/bubbles) in rested XP over the course of 10 days, which doubles the experience gained from combat. And on top of all of this, there are other situational bonuses that you can receive, such as holiday buffs (like those obtained from the Fire Festival, Pilgrim’s Bounty, etc) and the Recruit-a-Friend bonus of 200%. Of course, to receive this bonus, you need to be within 3 levels of your friend, but they can also “grant” levels (that’s right, free levels) to any of your toons at a lower level than theirs for every 2 levels they earn.

Long story short, leveling has become easy. With the right amount of effort to obtain heirlooms and balancing of alt play time, you can earn numerous levels every hour. This leads to more higher level toons, but does it subtract from the leveling experience? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the now “easysauce” process of leveling.

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