/yeargh: How to Murder Massive Multitudes of Rapidly Respawning Pirates

As some of you may remember, I mentioned in a prior post that I was going to be raining havoc and death upon the Southsea pirates of Tanaris to build my Steamwheedle Cartel reputations up to exalted. At the time, I speculated I would need 14.5 hours of time grinding this rep to reach my goal, and so, I devised a simple, yet effective, method for attacking this hurdle in short, timed bursts – using my seals. As any paladin (or nearly any seasoned player, for that matter) could tell you, a paladin seal currently lasts for 30min. Since I need to have an active seal to use Judgement, I decided it would make my efforts easier to manage if I activated my seal when I was ready to start slaughtering helpless pirates and to continue until the seal had worn off. By limiting myself to these 30min sessions, I can easily make a commitment to do one per day, which will hopefully help stave off boredom while allowing me to slowly work my way towards having the four Goblin reps to exalted. Considering I’m now sitting on 12 hours remaining, this means that I have a maximum of 24 days (baring any unforeseen troubles) until the Goblins love me with their whole hearts (not sure if that’s good or not o.O).

Also, in an effort to make my sessions more effective, I respecced my second talent set to retribution. Now, thanks to Long Arm of the Law, I’m bustling over the sandy, blood stained dunes at a significantly faster pace than in my prot spec. And to top it all off, my Avenging Wrath is sanctified (that was a horrible joke, I know ^_^’), so I can gleefully throw hammers at my victims every 2min. The road to insanity is going to be fun, my friends =D

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