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Season’s Greetings

This isn’t a full post – I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas yourself, then happy whichever-if-any holiday you follow! =D

Happy Winter Veil as well, and I’ll see you on the servers!


/failcheck: The Turkinator

This one was very cut and dry: rather than speculate on the best time to get the achievement “The Turkinator,” I simply tested whether or not a particular time would work well. Originally, I attempted for the achievement on Sunday – as did many other players – and failed. It was simply impossible to keep a good, long turkey killing spree going. However, at the time, there was plenty of talk about the Shattering occurring on Tuesday, so I figured I would attempt early morning, the day after. Few people are on at such a time, and I speculated that most of the players who did log on would be rolling new toons (the new race/class combos). Sure enough, 4.0.03a dropped, and come Wednesday morning, I set out to kill myself a wabbit! … er, turkey. Lots of them. Moving on…

Within a quick couple of minutes, I did indeed have my achievement, and as I suspected, the few people I came across (only two, if I remember correctly) were both human hunters. Test success! Lol

And finally, a parting word: if the Shattering upset you, then don’t focus on what you’re sad you lost! There are many things we all wish we had finished before we lost the opportunity (myself included), but instead of dwelling in things that make you sad, try to find new, exciting opportunities in this new world! Already, I’ve discovered a rather interesting new quest chain in EPL that takes you from the border of WPL/EPL and goes cross-country. Enjoy the patch, everyone.

But I’m too lazy to level cooking!

Just a quick note for those of you who weren’t aware, you can very easily level cooking through the recipes available during Pilgrim’s Bounty. So, if you’re too lazy to level your cooking normally on your alts, then get to your nearest capital city and get cookin’!