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Self Fail

Sorry about the recent lack of updates. I’ve been scouring sources for internships for this summer as well as planning future grad school possibilities, so I haven’t had as much time to play WoW, spare regular raid times. And even then, we’re likely not going to raid on Saturday, due to the possibility of raiders being absent.

In regards to tonight’s raid, it wasn’t the most successful venture ever. Ang, our second tank,  was having serious internet issues, and we were bringing in a fresh raider (literally fresh – it was his first raid, if I’m not mistaken), so although we one-shot Halfus tonight, we couldn’t get Valiona/Theralion down to save our lives. Eventually, we decided to move over to Baradin Hold, since the Alliance had recently won the fight for it, but we had to swap out tanks, since Ang finally gave up on his internet. We ultimately called it a night after BH because we only had 30min left, so it wasn’t worth trying to pug the spot away.

Many Snakes… Handle it!

Saturday night’s raid wasn’t exactly a… normal raid. Leading up to that day, I had been receiving word from a couple of raiders saying that they weren’t going to be able to attend, so upon reaching Saturday, I posted in our guild notes and on our calendar that the raid was cancelled. Naturally, a mere 15 minutes after posting this, I received word from a couple of raiders that amounted to “I said I wasn’t coming?” (insert /facepalm here). The guild notes and calendar were reverted, but the damage was done, and come raid time, we were short by 3 members. I didn’t feel comfortable pugging 3 raiders, so I asked everyone what they would like to do instead of a progression raid.

Ultimately, it was brought up that we should do a “critter raid”; that is, work on the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement as a raid. Enough folks liked the idea that I couldn’t help but say, “Sure. Why not?” The one raider who wasn’t interested left, we brought in a couple of other random guildies who wanted to participate in the mayhem, and the hunt was on! I quickly pulled up the achievement page on Wowhead, and after skimming over the comments, I told everyone to make their way to Zul’Gurub – specifically, to where High Priest Venoxis was located.

Located in and around this alcove were rapidly respawning critter-class snakes, which we took great pleasure in mass murdering. Our resident warlock Dark was the perpetrator of most of the carnage with his Inferno-fortified Hellfire. He actually made a couple of joking jabs at me and my ineffective prot pally aoe >_< /sniffle. Overall, I believe it took us a little longer than 30min to grab the achieve, since we only had 5-8 people at varying points of time (a couple of folks decided to go have fun in Gurubashi arena for awhile =P). Unfortunately, none of us could claim our fancy, schmancy Armadillo Pup due to no one being exalted with our own guild yet o_O.

And so, the moral of the story is: Mass murdering copious amounts of snakes is A-OK… if you get a spiffy pet out of the deal. Until next time, folks!

I must be going… INSANE

As of yesterday, I’ve taken up my “official” new off-time hobby: working towards “the Insane” title. I had entertained this idea after Cata dropped, but I quickly dismissed it when I discovered how massively hard the Booty Bay Bruisers were to kill. Random rep grinds like this are something I do solo, and I don’t like to drag in additional folks to fuel my randomness. Needless to say, you must have a group with you to put any serious dent into gaining Honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers (I did manage to solo a bruiser down, when I was testing how hard they were, but it took every last tanking cooldown, and it nearly killed me ^_^’).

However! I found out yesterday, that you no longer need Honored with the Bloodsail and the Steamwheedle Cartel at the same time, which is good news for me, since I’m an ex-pirate (I trashed my previous Revered rep with Bloodsail to regain the ability to quest with goblins, during my pursuit of the Loremaster title). What this meant now, as cheap as it felt to have it made somewhat easier than it was prior, achieving Insane in the Membrane became possible solo again, if I put in plenty of work. So now, I spend copious amounts of time slaughtering helpless Southsea pirates, slowly regaining my Steamwheedle reps (I estimated about 14.5 hours of necessary time, to make this happen). Once I’m done with the Goblins, I’ll have Darkmoon and Ravenholdt left, and since I have a fast flying herbalist, an inscriptionist high enough to make Rogues Decks, and a rogue who can effortlessly pickpocket LBRS/UBRS clean… I’m on the track to going insane.

Food for thought

While I have been experimenting recently with how effective it is to tank with mitigation oriented gear as apposed to threat oriented gear, I have had the pleasure of assisting my friend, and guildmaster, Zee with gearing up her raiding toon. While doing this, several topics came to mind that I feel should be shared:

“Main as raid toon” v. “Alt as raid toon”

Zee’s main toon is her mage Zerena, but this isn’t her raiding toon, oddly enough. Due to various reasons, Zee leveled a resto shaman named Zeronemo, who serves as her sole raiding toon. I don’t know of many players that follow this school of thought, but after thinking on it, I found some pros and cons to both.

Main as raid toon:

  • Pros: Your main gets good gear; receives more play time; gets all of the achievements; strong sense of connection with one character
  • Cons: Your main wears gear because it’s got good stats, not because it’s cool; risks being overplayed; may need race/profession changes to stay “competitive”; may have limited guild selection, if you’re trying to stay PvE “competitive”

Alt as raid toon:

  • Pros: Your main can whatever gear you feel like wearing, regardless of stats; can be in whatever guild you like to hang out with, regardless of their raiding schedule, setup, etc
  • Cons: Your alt gets all of the dungeon/raid achieves instead of your main; may lead to weaker emotional connection with your main

Conclusion: Do whatever works best for you! If you like being a particular character, no matter what you’re doing, then using your main toon as your raider would probably be a strong choice. Likewise, if you could care less about attachments to any one character, then maybe using an alt (or several) as your raid toon is the way for you.

Knowing your class

It’s harder than it sounds, especially with the shear amount of content that’s been added into the game via Cataclysm and the hotfixes flying around left and right. At the same time, knowing your class’ every ability in and out can really make the difference when it comes to being a strong player. For instance:

  • Protector of the Innocent – Although this talent no longer works with targeting yourself with your heals, this talent briefly made paladin tanks nigh unstoppable, especially in PvP. Because this talent is in the holy tree and involves healing (something that some tanks seem loathe to do, for whatever reason), it could’ve been missed by many players.
  • Presence of Mind + Polymorph – While PoM doesn’t work in combination with teleporting or making portals, it DOES work with polymorph. Is your tank charging headlong into battle, having forgotten that Poly has a cast time? Bam! Insta-sheep.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind, right away.

Persistence with Triage

Is also harder than it sounds! There’s nothing worse than constant wipes on a quest, in a dungeon/raid, etc. Well, except for the cause being something extraordinarily obvious in hindsight. Being stubborn enough to continue trying in the face of hardship is a great virtue, but it means nothing if you can’t look at your mistake and say to yourself, “What went wrong here?” This is where addons like Recount are handy.

If you suddenly get one/two shot and don’t know why, then Recount will happily inform you that <insert attack here> wiped the floor with you. Possibly twice. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, but success still eludes you (oh, you temptress), then consulting Recount can shed light on potential issues with dps, healing, unnecessary damage, etc.

The tricky part is always fixing what’s going wrong, but doing that is impossible if you don’t know the source of the problem!

Season’s Greetings

This isn’t a full post – I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas yourself, then happy whichever-if-any holiday you follow! =D

Happy Winter Veil as well, and I’ll see you on the servers!

But I’m too lazy to level cooking!

Just a quick note for those of you who weren’t aware, you can very easily level cooking through the recipes available during Pilgrim’s Bounty. So, if you’re too lazy to level your cooking normally on your alts, then get to your nearest capital city and get cookin’!

First post… after everything else

Gracious, now that I’ve finally gotten a better hold on how this system works and arranged the settings in a somewhat sensible fashion… Welcome to /failcheck! I won’t go into length about who I am or what this blog is about (that’s what the about link is for!), so instead, I shall simply leave this post as is. I’ve officially spent around 2 hours on this, when I should have been sleeping around 1 3/4 ago.