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Self Fail

Sorry about the recent lack of updates. I’ve been scouring sources for internships for this summer as well as planning future grad school possibilities, so I haven’t had as much time to play WoW, spare regular raid times. And even then, we’re likely not going to raid on Saturday, due to the possibility of raiders being absent.

In regards to tonight’s raid, it wasn’t the most successful venture ever. Ang, our second tank, ¬†was having serious internet issues, and we were bringing in a fresh raider (literally fresh – it was his first raid, if I’m not mistaken), so although we one-shot Halfus tonight, we couldn’t get Valiona/Theralion down to save our lives. Eventually, we decided to move over to Baradin Hold, since the Alliance had recently won the fight for it, but we had to swap out tanks, since Ang finally gave up on his internet. We ultimately called it a night after BH because we only had 30min left, so it wasn’t worth trying to pug the spot away.